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The FDKOL Requisitions Tent appeared in The Nearby Plains on June 15, 2012.

A Random FDKOL Volunteer
A Random FDKOL Volunteer

Hey, Adventurer. Any interest in helping out the FDKOL? Right now, I'm volunteering by manning this tent, but I'd much rather be out there fighting the fires, y'know?

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Doublewater.gif drop of water-37 Meat.gif 1,000
Hotcakes.gif FDKOL hotcakes Meat.gif 5,000
Firebottle.gif bottle of fire Fdkol medal.gif 3
Fdkoltattoo.gif FDKOL tattoo Fdkol medal.gif 100
Firemanhat.gif fireman's helmet Fdkol medal.gif 500
Firemanaxe.gif fire axe Fdkol medal.gif 1,500
Firehose.gif FDKOL fire hose Fdkol medal.gif 1,500
Extinguisher.gif enchanted fire extinguisher Fdkol medal.gif 1,500
Book3.gif Hjodor's Guide to Arctic Dalmatians Fdkol medal.gif 3,500


  • Initially, it was only possible to buy 1 tattoo per account. If you had already bought it, it would no longer be in the shop. This was changed some short time after the appearance of the tent following forum complaints.
  • Wearing Travoltan trousers has no effect on the price of the hotcakes or water-37.
  • FDKOL hotcakes are not consumed on purchase, allowing bonuses from Got Milk and other effects.
  • The bottle of fire and FDKOL fire hose were added to the tent on day 7 (June 20).
  • It is still possible to swap any FDKOL commendations you have at the tent, but the items priced in Meat are no longer sold.