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Here's a comprehensive list of everything in the game that allows you to engage in extra PvP fights each day. Ordinarily you may only engage in 10 PvP fights per day, but this limit may be exceeded with the use of one or more of the items listed below. For a sorted list of equipment that grants rollover fights see Maximizing Your Rollover PvP Fights. Note, the rollover cap for PvP fights is 100.

You cannot have more than 255 pvp fights available at a time; extra pvp fights beyond this cap will be lost. In order to gain more, you will have to use some of your fights first.

Rollover PvP Fight Modifiers

Source Source Type Extra Fights Prereq Notes
Workoutfit Outfit (hat, pants, acc) 2 35 Mys, 35 Mox
  • In total, gives +10 fights for those three equipment slots
depleted Grimacite ninja mask Hat Varies 35 Mox
  • PvP Fights +0-5 based on Grimace darkness
  • Moxie +0-25% based on Grimace darkness
Hemlock helm Hat 5 50 Mox
mushroom cap Hat 5  
Elf Guard red and white beret Hat 5  
  • Bonus for December only
Dolph Bossin's Crimbo hat Hat 4 40 Mox
chalk chapeau Hat 3  
  • Untradeable: Softcore Standard DB ascension reward in 2019
  • Regenerate 3-6 HP and MP per adventure
  • Weakens attackers
insulting hat Hat 3  
real cowboy hat Hat 3  
  • Untradeable: Custom item given to cowmanbob
  • Demonstrates your commitment to the west
Mer-kin headguard Hat 2 85 Mox
  • +10 to Monster Level
  • Weapon Damage +20%
murderbot mask Hat 2 30 Mox
papier-mitre Hat 2 20 Mox
  • Untradeable: Created by multi-using 9 papier-mâché globs, which themselves are created by pasting Rad Libs with soda water
  • +5 Familiar Weight
  • Helps you describe things (randomly replaces words in combat text)
sweatband Hat 2 35 Mox
Mayor Ghost's cloak Back Item 5 250 Mys, PM only
  • Untradeable: Dreadsylvania boss loot
  • +20% Food Drops
  • +20% Weapon Drops
octolus-skin cloak Back Item 4 50 Mox
auxiliary backbone Back Item 3 75 Mus
gabardine gunnysack Back Item 3  
First Post shirt - Cir Senam Shirt 5  
Sneaky Pete's leather jacket (collar popped) Shirt 4  
  • Toggleable to/from Sneaky Pete's leather jacket, which gives +4 adv (instead of fights)
  • +30 ML
  • +20% Initiative
  • +10 Moxie
  • The Audience Loves/Hates You Even More!
antique nutcracker waistcoat Shirt 3 30 Mus
glass casserole dish Shirt 3  
makeshift garbage shirt Shirt 3  
Brogre brolo shirt Shirt 3 35 Mus
Corporal Fennel's Lonely Clubs Club Jacket Shirt 2 50 Mus
crazy bastard sword Weapon (1H) 6 25 Mus
ice nine Weapon (1H) 5
sea-worn candlestick Weapon (1H) 5
  • Untradeable/Quest: Obtained from Grandpa Sea Monkee. Requires completion of the Sea Monkees Quest up till you find Grandpa.
  • +25% Meat from Monsters
  • Serious Sleaze resistance (+3)
astral mace Weapon (1H) 4
  • Untradeable/Quest: Sold for 10 Karma in Pet Heaven (in Valhalla), and mutually exclusive with other astral items
  • Muscle +25%
  • Weapon Damage +20
astral pistol Weapon (1H) 4
  • Untradeable/Quest: Sold for 10 Karma in Pet Heaven (in Valhalla), and mutually exclusive with other astral items
  • Moxie +25%
  • Ranged Damage +20
Staff of Kitchen Royalty Weapon (1H) 4 200 Mys
wicker sticker Weapon (1H) 4
  • Untradeable: Softcore Standard DB ascension reward in 2016 (but effectively always acquirable via smashing/swapping)
  • Weapon Damage +20%
  • Is a sweet, sweet knife
ox-head shield Off-Hand Item (Shield) 8 10 Mus
  • Untradeable/Quest: Dropped by Witchess Ox, which may be fought via Your Witchess Set (March 2016 IOTM)
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day.
  • Maximum HP +100
  • So-So Resistance to All Elements
  • Never Fumble
Royal scepter Off-Hand Item 8
card sleeve, with Lanceman card Off-Hand Item 6 foil version
2 normal version
grisly shield Off-Hand Item (Shield) 5 150 Mus
optimal spreadsheet Off-Hand Item 5
bowl of petunias Off-Hand Item 4 44 Mys
  • Untradeable: Created by using any of the four colored pocket lint (Pantsgiving content) when you have one of each type (blue, green, orange, and white) in your inventory
  • All Attributes +4
  • +4 Stat(s) Per Fight
  • Regenerate 4-8 HP and MP per adventure
sturdy cane Off-Hand Item 4 10 Mus
  • 2x chance of Fumble
  • Combat Initiative -25%
silver cow creamer Off-Hand Item 3 85 Mys
  • Untradeable: Awarded at rollover (one time only) to the top eligible player on the previous day's "Wickedest Stepmother" leaderboard, on which one earns a spot using a grimstone mask and completing the stepmother route
  • +3 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
  • +30% Meat from Monsters
plexiglass pikestaff Weapon (2H) 9 75 Mus
bal-musette accordion Weapon (2H) 8 AT only
Mer-kin dodgeball Weapon (2H) 7 85 Mox
  • Untradeable: Acquired via a special noncombat in the Mer-kin Gymnasium
  • +10% Muscle (though fluxes with the moons, for just the switchblade, inexplicably)
  • +10% Moxie
  • Underwater crits will unlock several underwater-only combat skills
Mer-kin dragnet 85 Mus
Mer-kin switchblade
scepter of the Skeleton Lord Weapon (2H) 3 50 Mys
depleted Grimacite shinguards Pants Varies 35 Mox
  • PvP Fights +0-5 based on Grimace darkness
  • Muscle +0-25% based on Grimace darkness
Crimbo stockings Pants 5 75 Mox
Jodhpurs of Violence Pants 4 125 Mox
cane-mail pants Pants 3
Vicar's Tutu Pants 3
  • Slight Resistance to All Elements
  • +5 Smithsness
  • Maximum HP +X (2x Smithsness)
genie's pants Pants 2 10 Mox
gym shorts Pants 2 35 Mox
ninjammies Pants 2 20 Mox
ratskin pajama pants Pants 2 50 Mox
Crimbuccaneer fledges (disintegrating) Accessory 9  
gold skull ring Accessory 7 20 Mus
offensive moustache Accessory 7
gingerservo Accessory 6
  • May not equip more than one
  • Muscle +25%
  • Regenerate 6-12 HP per adventure
Spacegate military insignia Accessory 6 75 Mus
Treads of Loathing Accessory 6 150 Mus
Crimbolex watch Accessory 5 20 Mys
numberwang Accessory 5 35 Mys
over-the-shoulder Folder Holder Accessory 5 sportsballs folder inserted
  • Untradeable: August 2013 IOTM
  • Enchantments are determined by the (different) folders inserted in the 3 folder slots
  • +5 Adventures/day, if sports car folder is also inserted
Uncle Hobo's fingerless tinsel gloves Accessory 5 200 Mys
  • Untradeable: Uncle Hobo boss drop (still theoretically acquirable from an undistributed-since-Crimbo-2010 instance of Hobopolis)
  • May not equip more than one
  • Moxie +15%
Yearbook Club Camera Accessory 5 KOLHS; 15+ upgrades
  • Untradeable/Quest: Only acquirable (and upgradable) during KOLHS
  • +5 Adventures/day (from the 14th upgrade)
  • Various other enchantments
depleted Grimacite astrolabe Accessory Varies 25 Mys
  • PvP Fights +0-5 based on Grimace darkness
  • May not equip more than one
  • Mysticality +0-25% based on Grimace darkness
ankleweights Accessory 4 35 Mys
flagstone fringe Accessory 4 40 Mox
ticksilver ring Accessory 4 10 Mys
Zombo's skull ring Accessory 4 200 Mys
Belt of Howling Anger Accessory 3
Bram's choker Accessory 3 50 Mys
Sasq™ watch Accessory 3 10 Mys
filigreed hamethyst necklace Accessory 2 40 Mys
hamethyst necklace Accessory 2 10 Mys
tiny die-cast killing bird Accessory 2
novelty tattoo sleeves Accessory 1
  • May not equip more than one
  • Muscle +6
stolen necklace Accessory 1 30 Mys
tiny plastic golden gundam Accessory 1
  • +1 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
  • All Attributes +1
tiny plastic Krampus Accessory 1
solid shifting time weirdness Familiar Equipment 4
  • +4 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
Chip on your Shoulder Passive Skill 5
Tin roof (rusted) Dwelling Furnishing 5
A Shelf Full of Sports Memorabilia Clan Rumpus Room Furnishing 5
  • Applies even in while in hardcore (unlike +Adventure clan furnishings)
An Infuriating Painting Clan Rumpus Room Furnishing 3
A Wrestling Mat Clan Rumpus Room Furnishing 1

PvP Fights from Other Sources

(Food/Booze/Spleen/Items are consumed on use unless otherwise specified)

Source Source Type Extra Fights Cost Prereq Notes
angst burger Food 10 5 Fullness
  • PvP leaderboard reward
devil dog Food (@ Stand) 5 3 Fullness, 25 hot wads from stand VIP access
fettucini épines Inconnu Food 3 3 Fullness
gunpowder burrito Food 3 2 Fullness
flower petal pie Food 1 3 Fullness Level 2
nailswurst Food 1 2 Fullness
5-hour acrimony Booze 10 5 Drunkenness
  • PvP leaderboard reward
Phonus Balonus Booze (@ Speakeasy) 5 3 Drunkenness; 10,000 Meat VIP access
  • Only 3 Speakeasy drinks (total) may be drunk per day
beery blood Booze 3 2 Drunkenness
slap and slap again Booze 3 3 Drunkenness
Shot of Kardashian Gin Booze 3 1 Drunkenness
  • Time-Spinner (auto-pulled at the start of non-Standard ascensions, even in Hardcore) may summon 1/day, via the replicator on a visit to the far future (uses 2/10 of the spinner's daily minutes)
shot of flower schnapps Booze 1 3 Drunkenness
used beer Booze 1 2 Drunkenness
cuppa Cruel tea Spleen 5 4 Spleen
sweat-ade Spleen 5 4 Spleen
Five Second Energy™ Spleen 3 3 Spleen
Purple Beast energy drink Spleen 3 3 Spleen
can of Red Minotaur Spleen 1 3 Spleen
Hatorade Spleen 1 5 Spleen
watered-down Red Minotaur Spleen 1 2 Spleen
confusing LED clock Item 5 5 Adventures, 1 Rest
  • Using the item (a random Thinknerd's Grimoire summons) consumes the inventory item and adds a confusing LED clock object to your dwelling
  • When resting at your campsite with said dwelling clock installed, if you haven't already destroyed one today (and have 5+ adv remaining), you will destroy it and gain 5 PvP fights (but spend 5 adventures)
Meteorite-Ade Item 5
  • 3/day limit
  • 1 of 5 possible drops, 3x/day, enabled by Meteor Lore (and determined by path, class, and daycount)
CSA fire-starting kit‎ Item 3 Camp Scout backpack
  • Dropped after approx. the 26th combat of the day, with Camp Scout backpack equipped or (if in non-Standard hardcore) simply in Hagnk's
  • Can alternatively be used to gain HP/MP regeneration after combat for the rest of the day.
  • Can only be used once a day in total
Daily Affirmation: Keep Free Hate in your Heart Combat item 3
  • Gives fights when used in combat, not from inventory
  • Only gives fights on the first use of the day
  • 1 of 7 possible affirmations received via the New-You correspondence item (determined by path, class, and daycount)
Rotten tomato Item 3
  • 1/day limit (with regard to being hit / receiving the bonus)
  • Item must be used against you by another player
  • Sold for 25 Chroners, in the Time-Twitching Tower
Calculate the Universe Skill 3
  • Occurs with a final result of 37. ("numberology 37" in mafia's CLI)
  • Can alternatively give 1 extra fight with a final result of 21.
  • Can be cast every day the number of times you have read (and thereby consumed) Manual of Numberology. (current max = 4)
Deck of Every Card Reusable Item 3 Card draws
  • Drawing the X of Clubs
  • Costs 5/15 draws when chosen (cheating), or 1/15 when drawn at random. Only available 1x/day regardless
  • Also gives X (2-10) Seal-clubbing club
  • Auto-pulled at the start of non-Standard ascensions (even in Hardcore)
Feel Superior Combat Skill 1 Emotionally Chipped
  • Deals 20% of the monster's max HP as damage; only provides an extra PvP fight if the killing blow
  • 3/day limit
Jerks' Health™ Magazine Item 1
Punching mirror Reusable Item 5
  • Usable once per day
School of Hard Knocks Diploma Reusable Item 14 max (varies)
  • Usable once per day
  • Grants PvP fights based on number of Diplomas you have, (capped at 11), multiplied by 1.25, and then rounded randomly.
Boxing Daycare IotM zone 11 max (varies)
  • Usable once per day
  • When picking the Spar option gives 2-11 fights based on number of toddlers
Universal Seasoning Reusable Item 0-1 Varied Fullness
  • Usable once per day
  • Effect occurs upon consuming a food item (with at least 1 fullness) after using this
  • Can either grant an extra PvP fight or 2-6 turns of a random effect
Artistic Goth Kid Familiar After X combats
  • Predictably grants fights after X combats (since the last), where X increases after each granted fight
  • Equipping its little wooden mannequin allows X to start at 5 (rather than 7)
Robortender Familiar Varies
  • Occasionally grants fights at the end of combat
  • Randomly grants PvP fights after combat, 5% of the time, or 10% of the time with its familiar equipment (toggled to Bounce)
Crimbo Shrub Familiar Varies

Best Foods for Fights

The following table lists which foods are the best for maximizing the number of PvP fights you receive.

There are no buffs, items or modifiers that increase the number of fights that can be gained from food.

Most foods that grant PvP fights do not grant any stats or adventures in addition to fights. The exception is the devil dog, which also grants adventures.

Foods Fights Fullness Fights/Fullness
angst burger 10 5 2
devil dog 5 3 1.67
gunpowder burrito 3 2 1.5
fettucini épines Inconnu 3 3 1
nailswurst 1 2 0.5
flower petal pie 1 3 0.33

Best Drinks for Fights

The following table lists which drinks are the best for maximizing the number of PvP fights you receive.

Most drinks that grant PvP fights do not grant any stats or Adventures; The exceptions are Phonus Balonus and Shot of Kardashian Gin.

Drinks Fights Drunkeness Fights/Drunkeness
Shot of Kardashian Gin 3 1 3
5-hour acrimony 10 5 2
Phonus Balonus 5 3 1.67
beery blood 3 2 1.5
slap and slap again 3 3 1
used beer 1 2 0.5
shot of flower schnapps 1 3 0.33

Best Spleen Items for Fights

The following table lists which Spleen Items are the best quality for maximizing the number of Extra PvP Fights you get for each unit of spleen damage.

Spleen items that grant pvp fights do not grant any stats or adventures in addition to fights.

However, Red Minotaur grants 5 turns of the Wings effect, and watered-down Red Minotaur grant 5 turns of Water Wings. Neither of the effects are known to have any practical use.

Item Fights Spleen Fights/Spleen
cuppa Cruel tea 5 4 1.25
sweat-ade 5 4 1.25
Five Second Energy™ 3 3 1
Purple Beast energy drink 3 3 1
watered-down Red Minotaur 1 2 .5
can of Red Minotaur 1 3 .33
Hatorade 1 5 .2


  • +PvP Fight equipment must be worn during rollover in order to bestow the extra fights. Simply having it in your inventory is not enough.
  • To receive extra fights from Clan Rumpus Room furniture, you must have smashed your Magical Mystical Hippy Stone prior to spending a rollover in the clan.
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