Extra-strength strongness elixir

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extra-strength strongness elixir
extra-strength strongness elixir

This elixir will make you stronger. So you can drink more elixir. So you can get stronger. So you can drink more elixir. So you can get stronger...

Type: spleen item (good)
Toxicity: 1
Level required: 3
Selling Price: 150 Meat.

(In-game plural: extra-strength strongness elixirs)
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Item number: 277
Description ID: 567949941
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Obtained From

The Barrel full of Barrels
The Daily Dungeon
The First Chest Isn't the Deepest. (sometimes)
Dropped after combat by a Lil' Barrel Mimic (sometimes)
rotting barrel
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Daily Dungeon
Room 3: Treasure! (sometimes)

When Used

You drink the bottle of Extra-Strength Strongness Elixir.
You gain 8-10 Muscleboundness.
(You gain 1 Spleen.)


  • The item-description refers to an old anti-drug PSA, in which a man was walking in a circle, muttering "I take cocaine so I can work harder. So I can make more money. So I can do more coke. So I can work harder, etc."


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