Exterminate the Filthworm Infestation

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Hippy1.gif Exterminating the Filthworm Infestation is a side-quest on the Mysterious Island Quest. The Hippy Grocer needs your help eradicating the filthworm infestation beneath the orchards. This quest is initially available while wearing the War Hippy Fatigues. It becomes available while wearing the Frat Warrior Fatigues after 64 Hippies have been killed.




Visiting the grocer without wearing soldier fatigues:

"Sorry, the produce stand is closed on account of filthworm infestation. We're waiting for the soldiers to come and give us a hand."

Initially visiting the grocer in war fatigues:

"Oh, it's awful! The entire orchard is infested with filthworms! I mean, we knew we'd get some worms, since we weren't using pesticide, but we never thought it'd get this bad."

Trying to enter the feeding chamber without smelling like a hatchling:

You try to enter the feeding chamber, but your way is blocked by a wriggling mass of filthworm drones. Looks like they don't let anything in here if they don't recognize its smell.

Trying to enter the guards' chamber without smelling like a drone:

You try to enter the royal guards' chamber, but you're immediately shoved back out into the tunnel. Looks like the guards will only let you in here if you smell like food.

Trying to enter the queen's chamber without smelling like a guard:

You try to enter the filthworm queen's chamber, but the guards outside the door block the entrance. You must not smell right to 'em.

Returning to the grocer with the queen filthworm's heart:

"Is that... it is! The heart of the filthworm queen! You've done it! You've freed our orchard from the tyranny of nature!
This is just groovy, man! We can reopen the produce stand! And hey, since you're responsible for that, I'd say you're entitled to a cut of the profits. I mean, we donate it all to charity, anyway, and you're like a charity, right?
Heck, now that we're thinking about profits, we should think about expanding our selection, too! I'll pick out some special stuff to add, just for you!"
You leave, before the Grocer's excitement reaches its inevitable and undoubtedly incredibly annoying crescendo.


  • Each gland effect only works for 10 adventures. If you don't find the next gland in that time, you must start over from the hatchling chamber.
  • Items or effects that increase Items from Monsters help.
  • If you're a Disco Bandit, the Rave Combo that lets you pickpocket will ensure you get a gland the first time, every time.
  • Almost the entire quest can be done without being in fatigues, and before the quest is actually open. The only part which requires wearing fatigues is handing over the queen's heart.
  • The fatigues you are wearing while visiting the grocer with the heart in your inventory determines which side the quest is counted for.