Experimental carbon fiber pasta additive

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experimental carbon fiber pasta additive
experimental carbon fiber pasta additive

This is an unmarked canister of a high-tech experimental pasta-thickening agent.

Type: usable (once per day)
Cannot be traded or discarded

Only Pastamancers may use this item.

(In-game plural: experimental carbon fiber pasta additives)
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Item number: 6900
Description ID: 674562908
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Obtained From

Chef Boy, R&D's business card
Chef Boy, R&D

When Used

  • Without an active Pasta Thrall:

You don't have an active pasta thrall, and you're sure as hell not pouring this stuff on yourself...

  • First time per day:

You sprinkle the experimental additive on (Pasta Guardian's name), thickening him up a little. Behold, the wonder and horror of science!

  • After first time:

You didn't really even want to use that stuff the first time. You should probably wait a day to let your ethics relax a little bit.

  • If your active Pasta Thrall is level 10:

(Pasta Thrall's name) is already as big as he's gonna get. You probably shouldn't waste this stuff on him.


  • Early spading suggests that using the pasta additive will add a flat 30 experience points to a Thrall.

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