Evil horizontal tango

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evil horizontal tango
evil horizontal tango

This is an evil drink made of fizzy wine, an evil tiny umbrella, and a name designed to make you blush.

Type: booze (awesome)
Potency: 4
Level required: 4
Selling Price: 165 Meat.
Cannot be traded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: evil horizontal tangos)
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Item number: 3190
Description ID: 632208632
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Shaker.gif soda water boxed wine  
Discomask.gif wine spritzer evil paper umbrella
Equals.gif evil horizontal tango

When Consumed

You drink the evil fruity girl drink.
AdventuresYou gain 12-16 Adventures.
You gain 68-72 Roguishness.
Skull.gifYou acquire an effect: A Little Bit Evil
(duration: 10 Adventures)
You gain 4 Drunkenness.