Everything Under the World

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A Jackal-Headed Shopkeeper runs Everything Under the World in The Underworld. This shop sells you various items for Ka coins, if you're Actually Ed the Undying.

A Jackal-Headed Shopkeeper

Greetings, traveller! Would you care to purchase refreshments for the long journey ahead of you?

Item: Price:
— Food for the Spirit —
Mumfig.gif mummified fig Kacoin.gif 5
Mumbread.gif mummified loaf of bread Kacoin.gif 10
Mumhaunch.gif mummified beef haunch Kacoin.gif 15
— Drink for the Soul —
Springwater.gif holy spring water Kacoin.gif 1
Beerbottle.gif spirit beer Kacoin.gif 2
Wine.gif sacramental wine Kacoin.gif 3
— Wrappings —
Bandage1.gif linen bandages Kacoin.gif 1
Bandage2.gif cotton bandages Kacoin.gif 3
Bandage3.gif silk bandages Kacoin.gif 5
— Mystical Trinkets —
Ancientcureall.gif ancient cure-all Kacoin.gif 3
Tal t.gif talisman of Thoth Kacoin.gif 2
Tal r.gif talisman of Renenutet Kacoin.gif 1
Tal h.gif talisman of Horus Kacoin.gif 5