Everything Looks Yellow

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Everything Looks Yellow

Everything Looks Yellow

Your vision has been stained yellow. Now, everything you look at that's little and different looks like a Nuprin.

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Effect number: 790
Description ID: 0bf172ccba65be4fdc4c0f908325b5c1
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Obtained From


  • This effect has a "noremove" flag. By default, noremove effects cannot be removed by Effect Removers.
  • Prevents use of anything that can cause this effect. Some of them will be blocked completely, others will be replaced with a small amount of physical damage.
  • If given by a He-Boulder, it will be 100 turns if a pair of quadroculars are equipped, 150 without.
  • Removed at rollover.

See Also


  • Nuprin is a prescription strength ibuprofen with the tagline "Little. Yellow. Different. Better."