Everfull Dart Holster

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Everfull Dart Holster
Everfull Dart Holster

This is your trusty dart holster. Put it on your hip. Draw a dart, throw it. Draw a dart. Throw it. Draw a dart throw it. Draw a dart, throw it. Draw a dart. Throw it. You get the idea.

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded

Combat Initiative +50%
All Attributes +10%
Throw Darts in Battle

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: Everfull Dart Holsters)
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Item number: 11561
Description ID: 129400771
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Obtained From

packaged Everfull Dart Holster


Dartboard 4.png
Click to throw
3 darts left
Dartboard 6.png
Click to throw
3 darts left
Dartboard 8.png
Click to throw
3 darts left


  • You start with 3 darts.
    • Using a combat skill costs 1 dart.
    • You can use 0-3 each combat depending on how many darts you have.
    • 1 dart regenerates after each combat up to 3, or up to 4 or 5 after taking relevant perks.
  • During combat a dartboard is visible next to the monster, with each section having a different monster body part targetable including the bullseye. Clicking on each part of the dartboard is equivalent to selecting a dart combat skill.
  • In combat, allows you to:
    • Throw a dart at a body part, dealing damage with an effect dependent on the part.
      • head, leg, skull - decrease monster defense by 5X, where X is min(11, dart level)
      • chassis, pig, star - decrease monster attack by 5X, where X is min(11, dart level)
      • arm - get X Moxie stats, where X is min(11, dart level)
      • beak, stem, tail, trunk - get X Mysticality stats, where X is min(11, dart level)
      • tentacle, wing - get X Muscle stats, where X is min(11, dart level)
      • butt - get +30% item (Butt awareness perk adds a Butt part to every monster)
      • branch, door, foot, pseudopod, thorax, torso - get +5X% meat, where X is min(11, dart level)
      • all other parts - decrease monster attack and defense by 5X, where X is min(11, dart level)
    • Darts: Aim for the Bullseye, a free instakill with a base 25% hit chance (increased with perks), and base 50 turns of Everything Looks Red
      • Failing to hit the bullseye hits a random part.
      • The turns of ELR incurred can be reduced by 10 per each perk relating to being unimpressed by bullseyes, down to 30 turns.
    • The first dart thrown automatically staggers
      You are able to throw it before your foe even reacts.
  • After X^2 darts thrown you gain darts skill, where X is the darts skill level.
    • After a victorious combat in a zone where chaintofight is allowed, where at least one dart was thrown AND dart skill is higher than the number of perks currently active, Dart Perks occurs as a chained non-combat.
    • Allows you to pick 1 of 3 perks to improve the Dart skills. Acquired perks are shown in the item description.
    • There are 20 perks in total, eventually all can be selected.
      • Throw a second dart quickly
      • Deal 25-50% more damage
      • You are less impressed by bullseyes
      • 25% Better bullseye targeting
      • Extra stats from stats targets
      • Butt awareness
      • Add Hot Damage
      • Add Cold Damage
      • Add Sleaze Damage
      • Add Spooky Damage
      • Add Stench Damage
      • Expand your dart capacity by 1
      • Bullseyes do not impress you much
      • 25% More Accurate bullseye targeting
      • Deal 25-50% extra damage
      • Expand your dart capacity by 1
      • Increase Dart Deleveling from deleveling targets
      • Deal 25-50% greater damage
      • Extra stats from stats targets
      • 25% better chance to hit bullseyes
  • Is usable as a professor in the WereProfessor path due to the visible dartboard bypassing the lack of skill menu.
  • Perks are reset upon ascension.
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
Whoa, what if there's a spur of the moment winner-takes-all dart game! Don't forget this!
Dartholster.gifYou acquire an item: Everfull Dart Holster