Eso Sí Que Es

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Eso Sí Que Es

Eso Sí Que Es

You've eaten a dish with a whole lot of Bordertown flavor to it, and it's doing weird things to the way you talk. ¡Qué extraño!

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Effect number: 835
Description ID: f44faf22cf17c8874bde20b23d9d1c52
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  • Frequently adds accent marks over vowels, or tildes over the letter n (both at a 20% rate), and adds opening question marks / exclamation points, to things you say in chat.


  • Eso Sí Que Es spells Socks (S-O-C-K-S). A television commercial for language learning tapes advertised that spelling S O C K S is an easy way to say "That is what I want" in Spanish.
  • "¡Qué extraño!" is Spanish for "How weird!"

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