Entrance to the Forgotten City

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Entrance to the Forgotten City
Entrance to the Forgotten City

This is the entrance to the ancient city, built uncounted ages ago by a race of people unnamed and long-vanished. The jungle has largely reclaimed the space, with bright green moss and vines almost completely obscuring the ruined and crumbling stone structures, particularly this close to the city borders.

Despite this, there was an eerie hushed quality to the area -- the constant noise of birds and small animals in the undergrowth faded away into the distance as Krakrox approached the city, and as he stepped under a crumbling arch and into the city proper, even the wind whistling through the trees grew still. The narrow, shadowy street led between ancient stone walls to the north, where it appeared to open up into a more spacious area -- possibly the city center or square.

Go North


Poking around in an abandoned ruin was starting to grate on Krakrox's nerves. He was a man of action, ill-suited to scavenger hunts and puzzley nonsense.

You decide to return to the jungle and find something to kill instead.

Occurs at The Jungles of Ancient Loathing.