Enter The Hoboverlord

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Enter The Hoboverlord
Enter The Hoboverlord

You march the length of the town square and burst into the massive fortress of junk that Hodgman, the Hoboverlord, calls home.

You make your way to his throne room, and see him perched atop a makeshift chair. He's massive -- much bigger than you were expecting. He's old -- much older than you were expecting. He's bearded -- much more bearded than you were expecting. And based on the way he's muttering to himself, you're guessing that he's completely and utterly insane -- much the same as you were expecting.

  • If Hodgman has been defeated:

The Hoboverlord has already been defeated.

  • If Hodgman is in combat with another player:

You can't do that right now because your clanmate <player name> is currently fighting the Hoboverlord.

  • If Hodgman has been defeated, Hobopolis closed, and then reopened:

There is a terrible ghastly silence, then a terrible ghastly noise, then you're suddenly engulfed in a terrible ghastly torrent of raw sewage.

The current is too powerful to swim against, but luckily, it seems to be propelling you up toward the surface.

Go with the flow

You pop corklike out of the sewer tunnels and into your clan's basement.

You lie back for a bit to catch your breath and wring the fetid sewage out of your clothes.

  • Otherwise:
Hodgman, The Hoboverlord This monster is a Hobo -- (edit metadata)

Run away, run away!

You're not ready for this. You back away from the Hoboverlord.

Occurs in Hobopolis Town Square.