Enormous blob of gray goo

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Enormous blob of gray goo
Monster ID 1250
Hit Points 250
Attack 230
Defense 240
Initiative 150
Meat None
Phylum horror
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts goo
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
enormous blob of gray goo You're fighting an enormous blob of gray goo

Veins bulge at your temples as you mentally command the nanobots in your brain to destroy your opponent. They dutifully stream out of your ears and swarm toward your foe, treating you to an exceptionally disturbing display as his cells are disassembled into their component atoms -- starting with the skin, then muscles, skeleton, organs... soon there's nothing left of your opponent but a blob of gray goo on the floor. Gray goo that unexpectedly begins to ooze toward you and attack. I guess being painfully disintegrated causes one heck of a grudge.

Hit Message(s):

The giant blob suddenly realizes that most of its atoms are carbon, and carbon can be made into diamond, the strongest metal known the man. It uses this newfound knowledge to stab the hell out of you with diamond spines. Ouch!

The giant blob rears up and falls on you, smothering you. Well, okay, some of the atoms in it are oxygen and technically you could breathe that I guess? But it still sucks. I mean, there's lead atoms in there too, right? Ugh!

The giant blob manages to form a rough mouth, with lots of pointy tooth-like protrusions. It's a bit sloppy and low-resolution, but it gets the job done. Ow!

The giant blobs[sic] manages to consolidate its various metallic atoms into a sword. It's not a very large sword, since organic creatures don't have a lot of metal in them (yes I am assuming the blob used to be an organic creature), but it's large enough. Ooh!

Miss Message(s):

The giant blob forms a mouth to bite you with, but it couldn't figure out how to make the teeth hard, so it just kind of splashes when it bites you.

The giant blob tries to cut you with a sword made of ot[sic] metal atoms. Unfortunately, it (a) picked mainly tin atoms, and (b) had enough tin atoms in it to make a sword about the size of a grain of sand.

The giant blob starts to attack you, but stops when it realizes it can't figure out how any of this makes any kind of sense at all.

The blob spends some time trying to reassemble itself back into a monster, but can't remember which atoms were the skin and which were the bones.

After Combat


  • This monster cannot be copied.
  • This monster is immune to multi-round stuns.
  • Occurs after using Unleash Nanites with 40 or more turns of Nanobrainy against a monster with attack more than 90.
  • Monster Level increasers have no effect on this monster's stats.
  • This monster gives (approximately?) 260 total substats when defeated.


  • The claim that diamond is "the strongest metal known the man" refers to a particularly stupid GameFAQs post that went on to become a meme.