Empty agua de vida bottle

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empty agua de vida bottle
empty agua de vida bottle

This is a bottle that contained agua de vida, until you drank it all. You meant to throw it away, but something about it makes you want to gaze into it.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: empty agua de vida bottles)
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Item number: 4130
Description ID: 917576836
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Obtained From

agua de vida


  • Clicking the [gaze] link that appears after this item is used leads to Memories, in the Corners of your Mind.
  • A bottle must be in inventory to access the three "Ancestral Memories" zones.
  • After every 10 visit to any of these zones, the next time you attempt to visit any of them, one bottle is consumed with this message:
You can't take it any more. The confusion, the nostalgia, the inconsistent grammar. You break the bottle on the ground, and stomp it to powder.
  • Since the counter is incremented on visits rather than adventures/turns, the outcome of your adventures there doesn't matter. Non-combat, free kill, runaways, cleeshing, wanderers, rollover runaway... even each zone's free introductory adventure increases the counter.
  • The stomping happens before you actually enter the zone, and so doesn't count towards the next agua de vida stomping's.
  • The counter resets to 0 on ascension, allowing you to spend up to 9 (since you will always inevitably trigger at least 1 of the 3 introduction adventures) adventures in the "Ancestral Memories" zones per ascension without ever using up a bottle.
  • Gazing is required for the quest sequence Primordial Fear -> Hyboria? I don't even... -> Future.
  • Chat macro "/go Memories" will also give you access to the start point should you forget to use the link after using the bottle.


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