Elvish delight

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Elvish delight
Elvish delight

This is a glistening transparent cube which appears to be made of gelatin and lard. It doesn't look (or smell) like anything you'd actually want to eat, but you could probably use it to shine your weapon up a little.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 40 Meat.
Effect: Cuts Like a Lightly-Buttered Knife (3 Adventures)+5 Sleaze Damage

(In-game plural: Elvish delights)
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Item number: 4152
Description ID: 470980063
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Obtained From

Shalandria Gammon, née Rhonda Norton
Papier-mâché trophy piñata (sometimes)
Your Workshed
Model Train Set with Candy Factory

When Used

You rub the Elvish delight on your weapon, making it a little shinier, greasier, and bacon-scented.
Bknife.gifYou acquire an effect: Cuts Like a Lightly-Buttered Knife
(duration: 3 Adventures)



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