Elf Warfare Effectiveness

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Elf Warfare Effectiveness determines the amount of extra pirates killed per combat in the Crimbo Town (2023) event.

Post-combat messages

  • An Elf Guard bugler blasts {X} toots on his little bugle, in honor of your glorious battle.
  • An Elf Guard clerk nods at you and makes {X} tickmarks on his little clipboard.
  • A friendly Elf prances up and gives you {X} jolly high fives as a thanks for your efforts.
  • A nearby Elf Guard soldier gives you a thumbs up as he shouts into his radio. "That's {X} confirmed kills, HQ."
  • An Elf Guard general runs up and quickly pins {X} medals on you.


Source Source type Effectiveness Notes
Elf Guard tinsel grenade combat item 2x
Elf Guard war standard off-hand 50
Elf Guard Fatigues outfit 10 Required to use Elf Warfare Effectiveness, making the minimum 10.
Elf Guard insignia (general) accessory 10 +9 Adventure(s) per day when equipped
massive wrench 2-handed club 10 Damage: 10-20, +20% Chance of Critical Hit, Weapon Damage +50%
canteen of eggnog booze (awesome) 10 Effect: All Liquored Up For War (100 adventures)
whale cerebrospinal fluid potion 10 50 Adv of Whalethoughts, +10 Elf Warfare Effectiveness, +10 Pirate Warfare Effectiveness
Abuela's Army 10
replica Elf Guard medal accessory 5 +2 Stats per Fight, Max HP/MP +20
rum-soaked fruitcake food (awesome) 5 Effect: Rum of Darkness (100 adventures)
Elf Guard mouthknife 1-handed knife 3 Moxie +20%
Kelflar vest shirt 3 Damage Reduction: 5, 75% Chance of Preventing Negative Status Attacks
Elf Guard officer's sidearm 1-handed pistol 3 Weapon Damage +10%
Elf Guard insignia (private) accessory 1


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