Elf Barker

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Elf Barker
Elf Barker

This trophy is earned by winning 2,000 lunar isotopes from Porko.

Elf Barker You're entitled to the "Elf Barker" trophy, for winning 2,000 lunar isotopes from Porko!


  • Your Porko winning totals are calculated cumulatively and carry over ascensions. You don't have to win the required amount in a single run.
  • When first discovered, it was claimed that this trophy was awarded for collecting 5,000 lunar isotopes. In reality, it was for collecting 2,000. The Trophy Maker's message was changed for accuracy shortly after this was discovered.


  • Both the name of the trophy and the image filename are references to Bob Barker of The Price Is Right. His sign-off each episode was "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered."