Elementally, My Deal Watson

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Elementally, My Deal Watson
Elementally, My Deal Watson

You duck into an alcove in the beanbat chamber, and see a tiny altar covered with a series of runes. Either the bats are more advanced than you thought, or some culture had an ancient religion that worshipped bats.

You rub a few year's worth of grime and filth off of the runes, and see that you can almost kinda-sorta read them, or at least sound them out. "Owa tador keyeam," you read. "Ayknee daygoo dasskik in."

There's a blinding flash of light, and when you can see again, you're surrounded by five freaky-looking bat elementals: a ghostly one, one that's burning with unholy fire, one who breathes ice, one who seems to be made out of guano, and one that keeps trying to fly into your pants.

Summoning all your courage, skill, tenacity, pluck, verve, and drive, you manage to beat all of them off.

Er, you manage to repel them all, I think, would be a better way to phrase that. The experience leaves you mostly unharmed, but completely exhausted.

Batwing.gifYou acquire an effect: Batigue
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at Beanbat Chamber (Bad Moon only).


  • The incantation translates as 'Oh what a dork I am, I need a good ass-kicking'.


  • The title refers to the expression, "Elementary, My Dear Watson" which detective Sherlock Holmes says to his sidekick, Dr.Watson, when he asks for an explanation on Holmes' conclusion to a case, or any other form of questioning him.