Eggman noodles

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eggman noodles
eggman noodles

This is a mass of egg noodles that you made from the broken corpse of an eggman. If you see any policemen, I'd recommend you beat it before you have to scramble for an explanation of how you got these. I doubt saying, "I found a body in a field, and turned it into pasta" would go over easy, and you'd be poached for sure.

(Cooking ingredient)
Cannot be discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: clumps of eggman noodles)
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Item number: 4512
Description ID: 813784592
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Obtained From

A Moment of Reflection
The Field of Strawberries as a Pastamancer
Follow your Pasta Senses



TOP 10 eggman noodles collections
1. CWbot - 153 | 2. miSTRESS of the OBVIOUS - 115 | 3. Darkling - 100 | 4. caducus - 100 | 5. HookahBot - 66
6. Wolfboss - 59 | 7. Nikademus - 57 | 8. sharing_14_smiles - 56 | 9. staygold - 54 | 10. ManaUser - 50
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings
Duchess' Feast Ingredients
Class Item Reflection choice
Seal Clubber Rricecream.gif walrus ice cream Field of Strawberries
Turtle Tamer Soupbowl.gif beautiful soup Croquet Grounds
Pastamancer Eggnoodles.gif eggman noodles* Field of Strawberries
Sauceror Potion2.gif Vial of jus de larmes* Caucus Racetrack
Disco Bandit Lobstertail.gif Lobster qua Grill Croquet Grounds
Accordion Thief Missingwine.gif missing wine Caucus Racetrack
*eggman noodles and vial of jus de larmes must be cooked together to create Humpty Dumplings