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This category covers adventures, items, or other events that extend the duration of one or more of your active Effects. It does not cover the duration of buffs as they are cast.

Currently, nothing in the game decrements effects, with the exception of PvP and a few specific effects (such as Surge of Icing with Sugar Rush and crafting with Inigo's). There are several instances where effects are removed, like certain adventures or bosses; please do not list those here. Similarly, anything that costs one or more Adventures will decrement effects as well, but that's just how effects work.

Source Source Type # of Effects Duration Notes
Platinum Yendorian Express Card Item All +5 duration Once per day. Also restores all MP and refreshes wands.
License to Chill Item All, 50% chance per effect +1 duration Once per day.
Unspeakachu Familiar All, 50% chance per effect +5 duration Occurs 5% of the time after victorious combats when adventuring with this familiar.
The Towering Inferno Discotheque (Go to the fifth floor) Place 10 +5 duration Once per day. Requires 5 Disco Style
cocoa of youth Item 10 +5 duration From PirateRealm.
primitive alien booze Booze 10 +5 duration Costs 5 drunkenness.
Such Great Heights Adventure 10 +3 duration Once per ascension, from the "Head towards the top of the temple" choice.
Bag o' Tricks Item 5 +3 duration Once per day.
Vivian's Vitamin Item 2 +5 duration Requires at least 10 active effects.
Temps Tempranillo Booze 1 +5 duration Costs 1 drunkenness.
thyme jelly donut Food 1 +5 duration Costs 1 fullness.
Law of Averages Item  ??? +1 duration Weird and complicated Average Season PvP reward. Can be used more times per day with more of the item (reusable).
Incredible Self-Esteem Skill All active Daily Affirmations With X affirmations, +50/X duration (7-50) Once per day. With no affirmations, gives 50 turns of a random one.
Talisman of Thoth Item All active Invocation effects & Purr of the Feline +10 duration Only obtainable in the Actually Ed the Undying challenge path.

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