Edit Ranks and Permissions

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Located in the Clan Administration Office, Edit Ranks and Permissions allows clan leaders to modify ranks within a clan.



  • Can Approve Applications
  • Can Boot Members From Clan (of lesser degree)
  • Can Assign Ranks (of lesser degree)
  • Can Change Members' Titles (of lesser degree)
    • Can Change All Members' Titles (regardless of degree)
  • Can View Clan Log
  • Can See Whitelist
    • Can Edit Whitelist


  • Can post an announcement
  • Can delete announcements
  • Can delete messages


  • Can Initiate Clan Attack
  • Can Buy Clan War Stuff
  • Can Buy Furniture
  • Can Buy Clan Boosts

Clan Dungeons

  • adventure in Hobopolis
  • administrate Hobopolis
  • adventure in the Slime Tube
  • administrate the Slime Tube
  • adventure in Dreadsylvania
  • administrate Dreadsylvania

Clan Stash Control

  • Karma Exempt (can take unlimited things from stash)
  • Restricted by Karma
    Karma Expenditure Limit (per day):
    Note: 0 = Not Allowed to use Stash
    • Can Withdraw Zero-Karma items
      Zero Karma Withdrawal limit (per day):
      Note: 0 = Unlimited

Forum Privileges

  • No Privileges
  • Forum Moderator
  • Forum Administrator
    (All moderator abilities, plus the ability to create, edit, delete, and lock entire forums)

Adding/Editing a Rank

Adding Ranks allows clan leaders to decide what permissions each rank has, as well as the degree. The higher the degree, the higher the rank's power. Players cannot modify the title of, change the rank of, or boot players of a higher rank.


  • Only the clan leader has access to this page
  • New members default to Normal Member, which has no permissions, unless given a rank on the Clan Whitelist.