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Oh god, that tune! It got directly into your head and summoned loathsome wriggling earworms! Earworms! In your ears! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Get them out! Get them out!

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Effect number: 721
Description ID: 9ed86341d30a9cc55db66ee59b33fd5b
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Obtained From


  • The Earworms effect does damage approximately equal to 20% of your max HP with the message:
The worms. The horrible earworms. Writhing, wiggling, squirming in your head! They reach your brain, and do terrible things to it. The intense pain is a blessed distraction from the endlessly repeating demonic melody.
  • Casting Sing will remove this effect and deal damage to Somerset Lopez with the message:
There's only one cure for earworms: to cancel them out with something even worse. You start pumping your accordion, and loudly sing a mashup of "Feliz Navidad" and "The Fishhead Song".
Fish heads, fish heads a merry Christmas,
I wanna wish-a you a roly-poly fish heads,
I wanna fish heads a merry Christmas, from the bottom of eat them up, yum!
The two most virulent songs known to man, they easily drive the earworms from your head, neatly canceling each other out in the process and leaving your mind clear. Meanwhile, the worms go berserk, and squealing in pain and frustration they swarm back at their creator, dealing X to the foul demon.
  • This effect does nothing if you are not fighting Somerset Lopez (such as by escaping combat against him without consuming an adventure only to combat another monster)