EXtremely Lost

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eXtremely Lost
eXtremely Lost

While adventuring on the Icy Peak, you encounter an eXtremely lost eXtreme Orcish Snowboarder.

"Hey, dude," he says. "I lost my buds and can't find my way back to the eXtreme Slope. Think you can help me out?"

"Sure," you say. "Go downhill."

"Whoah, really? Thanks, dude!"

He heads downhill, but accidentally leaves his provisions behind. You try to get his attention, but he doesn't hear you. Okay, you didn't really try to get his attention. You just waited until he was out of sight to take his goodies.

Cheatos.gifYou acquire an item: bag of Cheat-Os
Burrito.gifYou acquire an item: insanely spicy bean burrito
Sixpack.gifYou acquire an item: six pack of Mountain Stream

Occurs at The Icy Peak.