Dwarvish Tattoo

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Dwarvish Tattoo
Dwarvish Tattoo

The Dwarvish Tattoo is obtained by visiting the Pretentious Artist while wearing the Dwarvish War Uniform.

Pretentious Artist

Please allow me to paint your portrait...

Ah, I see you're wearing the finery of the Dwarves of Mt. McLargehuge. Allow me to provide some embellishment... I don't actually know Dwarvish, but I expect I can approximate it from old take-out menus I've seen.

Dwarvish Tattoo You have unlocked a new tattoo.


  • The reference to old take-out menus is likely a commentary on the popularity of Chinese character tattoos, often applied or sported by Westerners, most of whom cannot read the language, and thus do not know the true meaning of the symbols.