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Type: Combat
MP Cost: 5-20
usable once per fight

Your Source terminal has taught you how to instantly make copies of any monster you meet. But before you get any weird ideas -- the copy will be just as angry at you as the original.

Turn a monster into multiple copies of itself

Source: Source Terminal: educate duplicate.edu
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Multiplies a monster's current HP, attack, defense, attacks per round, and item drops. Does not affect statgain.
When Used:
Against uncopyable monsters:

This monster has a primary key, so it can't be duplicated.
Against copyable monsters:

You cross your eyes so that you see multiple copies of your enemy, and when you uncross them it doesn't go back to normal.


  • After-combat events (which may produce items but are not actual item drops) are NOT multiplied by this skill, so some monsters are less beneficial to duplicate – such as monsters with bounty "items", ninja snowman assassin, pygmy witch surgeon or writing desk.
  • This skill can be used successfully only once per day, or five times per day in The Source (path). The daily use is not consumed if used against uncopyable monsters, but still uses MP and allows the monster to act that round.
  • Turns a monster into two monsters outside The Source (path), or three inside. Additional monster images will be added to reflect the new amount.
  • The monster gains doubled (tripled in The Source) current attack, defense and HP, attacks an additional time per round for each extra monster, and upon defeat, rolls for item drops separately for each monster, allowing you to get multiple drops of the same item.
  • The MP cost of this skill depends on the amount of SPAM and ASHRAM chips installed in your Source Terminal. SPAM chips decrease it by 1 MP each up to a maximum of 10 installed, whereas an ASHRAM chip decreases it by 5 MP with it only being possible to install one.
  • If this is used in conjunction with Daily Affirmation: Always be Collecting's similar effect, they will stack multiplicatively, giving four (or six) rolls for each of the monster's drops (and allowing up to four (or six) copies of a single drop from that fight).
  • Good potential in-run targets include: topiary monsters, dairy goats, lobsterfrogmen, pygmy bowlers.