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You drop your token into the Dungeon Fist! machine, and push "1P". Mysterious (yet oddly peppy) organ music fills your ears as your vision wobbles, wavers, and finally goes black.

After an unknown amount of time, you start to be able to make out dim shapes again. It seems that you haven't been knocked unconscious as you thought at first, merely transported someplace very dark, and your vision is slowly adjusting to the lack of light. As you cautiously (and near-blindly) explore your surroundings, your hand encounters a cold stone wall. Feeling around it, you find a large torch in a sconce, which you take and manage to get alight.

You find yourself in some kind of underground dungeon. It's a pretty nice one, actually, as dungeons go -- the floor is neatly laid out with diamond-shaped flagstones, and while you can't imagine where the builders found the bright blue bricks for the walls, they can't have been cheap.

Just as you are noticing your extremely muscular, burly physique, bright red loincloth, and battle-axe, a voice shouts


out of nowhere. What the hell? Is this one of those arena-dungeons where evil rich merchants throw unsuspecting adventurers, to watch them fight monsters and bet on how long they'll survive? Man, you never get invited to those sort of parties. They probably have really great food at those parties, too. Your stomach rumbles, making you wonder when you last ate something. Oog.

Oh well, better start looking for a way out of here. The room appears to have three exits, to the west, north, and east.

Go North
Go East
Go West

If your account has previously escaped with a perfect score:

Finish from memory

You finish the game in a burst of muscle memory and log another high score. Go you!

There is a satisfying whirring noise as the cabinet spits out some tickets:

Ggticket.gifYou acquire 30 Game Grid tickets


  • The Dungeon Fist! machine is in The Game Grid Arcade.
  • Game play continues until you quit, exit the map, are killed by monsters, or starve to death, at which point your score is revealed.
  • During game play, your HP gauge is replaced with one reflecting your in-game health.
  • The game follows many aspects of Gauntlet, the game it is based on:
    • You begin at 1000 health.
    • Your health will decrease by 10 with each "step".
    • Ghosts vanish when they touch you, dealing damage. Ranged attacks are best against them, but the Warrior's axe is notoriously slow and most will get through. Ghosts will cause 10 damage per hit. Up to 3 ghosts may hit you at once.
    • Demons and Grunts will attack you one at a time, but are harder to kill. Demons and Grunts will only deal 5 damage to you per hit.
    • Death can be "fought", and will vanish after dealing a certain amount of damage. This can be preferable to taking more damage from another source later. Death will deal 40 damage to you per attack.
    • Monster generators (bones for ghosts, boxes for Grunts and Demons) do not produce more foes (unless a potion is used, then there will be a number of foes equal to the number of generators), but must be destroyed to proceed. You do not lose health when destroying generators.
    • Potions will deal damage to everything in the area and kill Death instantly. Since the Warrior's default Magic ability is Low, this will not destroy the generators.
    • Potions of Fight Power and Magic Power will increase the amount of melee and potion damage dealt, respectively.
    • Food in jugs is fragile, and can be broken. If you break one jug, you will be more careful and not break the next one.
    • Doors require keys to open.
  • The route that guarantees a perfect score and 30 tickets, and is as follows: West (fight), South (fight), East (get potion), West, North, East, North (fight, get potion), North, North (fight), East (get potion), East (fight), South (shoot the food), North, West, West, South, East, South (fight do not use the potion here!), East (fight, get key), South, South (use potion, get food & key), North, North, West, South, South (use key, get treasure), North, North, North, West, North, West (use key, escape dungeon).


  • "Dungeon Fist!" is a reference to the arcade game Gauntlet and its sequels.


  • A trivial update on June 18, 2013:
    Once you've gotten a perfect score on Dungeon Fist, you should now get a button to auto-finish it.

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