Dumpster Diving

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Dumpster Diving
Dumpster Diving

In the Sleazy Back Alley, you happen upon a dumpster. You lift the lid to investigate, and discover a half-orc hobo passed out inside.

"Hmm..." you think to yourself. "This seems like a good opportunity to do... something."

What is it?

Punch the hobo

You tap the hobo on the shoulder, and he sits up groggily.

"Huzz... er... whuzza..." he mutters, as he grabs a broken bottle from the dumpster and begins swinging it at you wildly.

drunken half-orc hobo This monster is a Hobo -- (edit metadata)

Rob the hobo

You take advantage of the rare opportunity presented to you by this hobo -- risk-free pickpocketing practice. Or is it pocketpicking practice? Pockpicketing?

You carefully fish around in the hobo's pockets, and though you find only a tiny bit of Meat, you feel much more confident in your finger dexterity.

Meat.gifYou gain 3-4 Meat.
You gain 4-5 Smarm.

Look under the hobo

You roll the hobo over on his back, careful not to wake him up. Digging through the garbage he was resting on, you find a bottle of wine.

You decide that it'd be tragic if the hobo woke up with a stiff back because he was sleeping on the bottle, so you protect him from that fate by gaffling the bottle.

You're such an altruistic Adventurer. Your mother would be proud.

Wine.gifYou acquire an item: Mad Train wine

Occurs at The Sleazy Back Alley.