Duke Vampire's Chateau

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Duke Vampire's Chateau
Duke Vampire's Chateau
Zone Num 521
Location The Sprawling Cemetery
Unlocks Resting in Peace: setting out for the vampire chateau
Recom Stat
Combat % 0%
Terrain indoor
refreshedit data

The Duke Vampire's Chateau is located in The Sprawling Cemetery.

250% Initiative is required to adventure here. Without it, you will see only the message:

The path leading to Duke Vampire's Chateau is lined with a bunch of swinging blades and darts shooting out of tombstones and stuff. You're not fast enough to get through it without being butchered.

[You need +250% Combat Initiative to go in here.]

Non-combat Adventures

Just Vamping
Just Vamping
  • Succumb: Fight Duke Vampire
  • Succumb [bad idea]: Lose all HP
  • Don't succumb: Leave
  • Note: First choice is only available with Poison For Blood active