Duffel on the Double

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Duffel on the Double
Duffel on the Double

Half-buried in a snowdrift, you find a duffel bag emblazoned with a variety of patches, stickers and buttons.

The patches, stickers and buttons are emblazoned with a variety of logos, advertisements and catchphrases.

The logos, advertisements and catchphrases are about a variety of energy drinks, sports equipment manufacturers, and horrible, horrible bands.

Open the bag

You plunge your hand into the duffel bag and retrieve the first thing you find. Then you flee, before things get any more eXtreme.

Mittens.gifYou acquire an item: eXtreme mittens


Scarf.gifYou acquire an item: eXtreme scarf


Snowpants.gifYou acquire an item: snowboarder pants

Dig deeper

You dig beneath the duffel bag, past several other layers of discarded mountaineering gear, and finally find an ancient skeleton, clutching a jar of cabbage. Man. No wonder he didn't make it to the top if that's all he brought.

Frostigkraut.gifYou acquire an item: jar of frostigkraut


You don't want to get involved in whatever that duffel bag contains.

Look in the side Pocket

You look in the side pocket and find some pocket fluff, which you ignore, and a strange green pill. Lucky!

Pill5.gifYou acquire an item: lucky pill

Occurs at the eXtreme Slope.


  • Choosing to scram does not cost you an adventure.
  • The jar of frostigkraut choice does not always appear.