Dude ranch souvenir crate

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dude ranch souvenir crate
dude ranch souvenir crate

The Shore, Inc. doesn't allow you to buy souvenirs while you're on their trips. Rest assured that the purpose of this policy is to provide better service to you, not to increase the profits of The Shore, Inc. This crate contains a variety of souvenirs from the Distant Lands Dude Ranch.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: dude ranch souvenir crates)
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Item number: 6726
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Obtained From

The Shore, Inc. Gift Shop (1 Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip)

When Used

You open the create[sic] and revel in the memories of your vacation as you pick through the collection of dude ranch souvenirs. Yee-haw!
Bottle.gifYou acquire some bottles of whiskey
Coconut.gifYou acquire some coconut shells
Dynamite.gifYou acquire some sticks of dynamite
Blouse.gifYou acquire an item: gingham blouse
Cowshirt.gifYou acquire an item: rhinestone cowboy shirt


  • You will receive 6-7 total non-shirt items, with at least one of each item guaranteed.


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