Drumroll, Please

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Drumroll, Please
Drumroll, Please

You see a drum circle of hippies a few yards away. They're unkempt, their music sucks, and they smell horrible. You're tempted to grab one and lick him just to offend all your senses at once, but you take deep breaths (through your mouth) until the urge passes.

One of the hippies looks up from his percussive trance and spots you. You tense for a fight, then remember you're in disguise. "Greetings, fellow child of Gaia," the hippy says. Would you care to join our circle?

"Yeah, about that," you say. "Why are you guys -- er, I mean we guys -- so into sitting around pounding arrhythmically on drums?

"I guess you haven't been a follower of Gaia for very long," the hippy says. "The drumming aids us in entering the higher state of consciousness needed to commune with the cosmos."

"Wow," you say, "how does it work?"

The hippy looks confused. "Well, we're not sure, but it probably has to do with the herbs we pass around and smoke during the ceremony. Anyway, you should totally try it."

You spend the next couple of hours drumming away with the hippies. You do feel a little more connected with the cosmos, but mostly you feel fatigue and slight nausea.

Drum.gifYou acquire an effect: Drummed Out
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at The Hippy Camp (In Disguise) (Bad Moon only).