Drippy reveler

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Info on Driplet and drippy stein drop chances

Drippy reveler
Monster ID 2176
Locations The Dripping Hall
Hit Points 150
Attack 200
Defense 200
Initiative 100
Meat None
Phylum humanoid
Elements None
Resistance 100% physical, 100% elemental
Monster Parts unknown
driplet, drippy stein
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
drippy reveler You're fighting a drippy reveler

A wildly-gyrating humanoid figure made of drippy goo caroms off one of the walls and bumps into you. It throws down something approximating a drink and raises its fist-globs to fight you.

Special Move(s):

A dripping pseudopod flicks out of the pulsating mass and smacks you in the <bung>.
HPYou lose 30% hit points.
Your foot sinks into the moist ground. Unseen teeth gnaw on it as you struggle to pull it free.
HPYou lose 30% hit points.

After Combat

Driplet.gifYou acquire an item: Driplet (% chance)*
Dripstein.gifYou acquire an item: drippy stein (% chance)*

Occurs at The Dripping Hall.