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Drunkenness is an indication of how much booze you have drunk. Each booze item gives you a certain amount of drunkenness, which is added to your running total. If your total drunkenness is more than a certain amount, then you can no longer spend adventures usefully in the game (other than at the Clan Rumpus Room or combining items via meatsmithing, cocktailcrafting, and so on). The maximum drunkenness level that still allows you to adventure is:

If you try adventuring while you are falling-down drunk, you get the Drunken Stupor adventure.

On St. Sneaky Pete's Day this limit may be extended by up to an extra 10 drunkenness by drinking green beers.

Drinking Before and After Adventuring

Drink before adventuring is done to give yourself the maximum number of turns possible with which to adventure today. Drinking after your day's worth of turns is over is done to give you the maximum number of adventures when you first log in tomorrow (after rollover).

Liver of Steel

Normally, you can drink until you have 14 drunkenness and retain the ability to adventure (adventuring with drunkenness of 15 or more gives you the Drunken Stupor adventure). The Liver of Steel skill raises that threshold to 19 drunkenness (and 20 or more gives you the Drunken Stupor). The Liver of Steel cannot be taken with you across ascensions - you have to get it by completing the Azazel, Ma Belle quest.

Ode to Booze

Ode to Booze is an Accordion Thief buff that gives you one extra adventure per level of drunkenness used up by the drink. The duration of the buff is decreased by one for each extra turn you gain. If you can, make sure you have this buff before drinking anything. You will need it before you adventure and after your adventures are complete.

Blender Zodiac Sign

While under the Blender zodiac sign the first drink consumed each day will give an additional 5 adventures.