Driftwood hat

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driftwood hat
driftwood hat

This is a hunk of driftwood that happens to be of a size and shape that you could wear it as a hat without it just falling right off, and really that's all you need for anything to be a hat.

Type: hat
Power: 50
Moxie Required: 10
Selling Price: 11 Meat.
This item will disappear at the end of the day.

Moxie +5
Moxie +1%
Damage Absorption +1
Damage Reduction: 1
Ranged Damage +1
Ranged Damage +1%
+1% Combat Initiative
+2 Moxie Stats Per Fight
+1% to all Moxie Gains

(In-game plural: driftwood hats)
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Obtained From

Beach Comb / driftwood beach comb
Comb the Beach


  • Prior to August 28, 2019, it gave +1 Moxie and +1 Moxie stat per fight.


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