Dreadsylvania Auditor's badge

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Dreadsylvania Auditor's badge
Dreadsylvania Auditor's badge

This badge designates its wearer an official auditor for the Dreadsylvanian Revenue Assessment Committee. It's a good thing to wear if people are currently too glad to see you.

Type: accessory
Mysticality Required: 200
Cannot be traded or discarded

+10% Item Drops from Monsters
Lets you find 5% more Kruegerands

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: Dreadsylvania Auditor's badges)
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Item number: 6495
Description ID: 229903771
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Obtained From

Dreadsylvanian Woods
The Cabin in the Dreadsylvanian Woods
What Lies Beneath (the Cabin) (with a replica key)



  • Prior to November 1, 2013, the enchantment stated that it let you find more Krueggerands. The spelling was adjusted at the same time as the Freddy Kruegerand.

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