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This describes how the Ghosts in Dreadsylvanian Village are named.

Ghost Name Format

Ghost names have the form

Ghost <Descriptor>s
  • who accidentally fell asleep in a freezer
  • who ate one too many popsicles
  • who choked on an ice cube
  • who died from drinking a <Beverage> that was way too cold
  • who died in a skiing accident
  • who died in a snowball fight
  • who died of a frosbitten <Part>
  • who died of an ice-cream headache
  • who died on a sundae
  • who drowned in 3 inches of ice water
  • who drowned in a frozen <Water>
  • who fell asleep in the walk-in freezer
  • who should've worn a <Garment>
  • who stayed in the tub too long
  • who triggered an avalanche
  • who was stabbed in the <Part> with an icicle
  • who went ice-fishing one too many times
  • who went outside with wet hair
  • whose ankle got stuck to a flagpole
  • whose <Part> froze off
  • whose <Part> got stuck to a flagpole

  • who chugged a gallon of hot sauce
  • who didn't blow on his soup long enough
  • who didn't stay out of the kitchen
  • who fell in a campfire
  • who left the iron on
  • who left the oven on
  • who liked his baths a little too hot
  • who misread a recipe and cooked himself
  • who mistook his oven for his bed
  • who ordered a meal "Indian hot"
  • who smoked in his bed of oily rags
  • who spontaneously combusted
  • who stayed in the sauna too long
  • who stood too close to a <Fire>
  • who tried to defrost himself in the microwave
  • who tripped and fell into his own forge
  • who turned his water heater up too high
  • whose giblets got burned clean off
  • whose hot tub malfunctioned
  • whose <Part> got burned clean off

  • died in a beaver attack
  • who ate three whole sticks of butter and had a heart attack
  • who choked trying to swallow three hot dogs whole
  • who contracted fatal salmonella from drinking raw eggs
  • who crushed her head between her own thighs
  • who crushed her innards with a too-tight corset
  • who died of a schoolgirl-related nosebleed
  • who died of a venereal disease heretofore unknown to science
  • who drank a liter of vodka and tried to dance on a rotating stage
  • who drowned in bacon grease
  • who fell out of a tree while peeping through a window
  • who fried her brain with sun reflected off the mirrors on her shoes
  • who gave herself a fatal wedgie with a monofilament thong.
  • who got caught in flagrante delicto by her lover's gun-totin' <Relative>
  • who handcuffed herself to a bed and lost the keys
  • who lived very briefly on nothing but gin and cigarettes
  • who whipped herself to death with a tassel she was twirling
  • who accidentally embalmed himself
  • who couldn't solve the elaborate deathtrap fast enough
  • who didn't realize the calls were coming from inside the house
  • who didn't say the three words before he opened the Necronomicon
  • who fell asleep in the cemetery and woke up dead
  • who gazed into the Abyss for too long
  • who got killed in an after-credit stinger to set up the inevitable sequel
  • who had sex with a fellow camp counselor when they were supposed to be watching the kids
  • who ignored all danger
  • who ignored the inbred redneck gas station attendant's warning
  • who interrupted a black mass
  • who investigated strange noises from the basement
  • who ran up the stairs to get away from a killer

who saw an angel statue and blinked|

  • who should have listened to the people shouting at him from the audience
  • who stopped to check out the creepy abandoned shack in the woods
  • who thought the strange noises he was hearing were just the house settling
  • who tried to spend the night in a haunted house
  • who tripped and fell into an open grave
  • who was buried alive, but eventually died down there
  • who watched a video tape about a creepy long-haired girl in a well
  • who went into the woods alone
  • who woke up and it was all just a nightmare, only it wasn't
  • who ate a really old egg
  • who caught bubonic plague from eating roadkill
  • who dealt it one too many times
  • who died of a gangrenous <Part>
  • who drowned in <Foulwater>
  • who fell in
  • who fell into a compost heap
  • who flipped over a port-a-potty
  • who never brushed his teeth until gingivitis rotted his brain
  • who picked at it until it rotted off
  • who should have smelled the milk before he drank it
  • who stood too near an open sewer
  • who suffocated in a pile of guano
  • who tried to catch a live family of skunks
  • who was run over by a <Foulvehicle>
  • who was swallowed by something he thought smelled bad on the outside
  • who wasn't able to shut down the trash compactor in time

Ghost Descriptor Sub-phrases
  • beer
  • milkshake
  • bathtub
  • lake
  • a putrid swamp
  • a toilet
  • garbage juice
  • manure truck
  • manure cart
  • a toilet
  • garbage truck
  • coat
  • hat
  • butt
  • bung
  • eye
  • groin
  • head
  • lower back
  • knee
  • nipple
  • pancreas
  • skull
  • whole body
  • lower gastrointestinal tract
  • furnace
  • fire
  • bonfire
  • father
  • husband
  • mother
  • wife