Draggin' ball hat

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draggin' ball hat
draggin' ball hat

This is a hat with heavy iron balls attached to it. It's stylish, but really heavy.

Type: hat
Power: 100
Moxie Required: 35
Selling Price: 120 Meat.

Moxie +6
Muscle -3

(In-game plural: draggin' ball hats)
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Item number: 541
Description ID: 703557673
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Obtained From

The Valley Beyond The Orc Chasm
Lamz0r N00b
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Wrong Side of the Tracks, 28 Days Later
Zombie N00b



  • The Draggin' Ball Hat is a play on the popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball. In that series, and its sequel Dragon Ball Z, people wore weighted clothing for the purpose of training and building muscle. The main character's son actually wore a "dragon ball hat" at the beginning of the series, although his hat only had one ball.

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