Down at the Hatch

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Down at the Hatch
Down at the Hatch

In an interior corridor of the Wreck, you hear a bunch of muffled rattling and clanging (as distinct from the ambient bubbling and occasional SONAR pings.) You trace the sound to a closed bulkhead. It sounds like there's something in there that really wants out...

Open the bulkhead
  • First time:
Sm bigbrother.gif
You open the bulkhead to find another one of those weird pink-headed guys.
"Hey, thanks for letting me out of there. I went in there lookin' for stuff, and when I tried to come back out, somebody had closed that rotten door behind me.
I better head home, or Mom and Dad will holler at me."
  • Subsequent times:
As soon as you turn the wheel on the bulkhead, it bursts open, slamming you against the corridor wall and knocking you silly. Not too silly, though, to make out the sound of several large, noisy somethings passing through the open bulkhead and storming away.

Head out

You decide to let bygones be bygones, and behind-bulkheads be behind-bulkheads.

With a Space Jellyfish active:

Follow <name> around the wreck
You follow your trusty space jellyfish around the wreck. He slips through a crack in the hull and you see him latched on to a small black box in what looks like an engine compartment. A faint light pops on a ways down the hull.

Occurs at The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons


  • Opening the hatch the first time will release Big Brother.
  • Subsequently, opening the hatch will replace all cargo crabs with mine crabs and drowned sailors with unholy divers for the next 19 turns or until rollover, whichever comes first. It counts all turns, including free runaways and adventures spent elsewhere.
  • Selecting "Head out" will not use an adventure, and will cause this adventure to stop showing up for 20 turns.
  • Selecting "Follow <name> around the wreck" does not cost an adventure, and allows you to get the tarnished luggage key adventure.