Double-ice britches

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double-ice britches
double-ice britches

There is nothing quite so bracing as wearing pants made of double-ice. Just be careful taking them off, because they have a tendency to take a lot of skin with them, and down there is where you keep a lot of your important skin.

Type: pants
Power: 70
Moxie Required: 20
Outfit: Cold Comforts
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 75 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Stupendous Hot Resistance (+4)
Damage Reduction: 4
Maximum HP/MP +40

(In-game plural: pairs of double-ice britches)
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Item number: 5051
Description ID: 464751936
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Asterisk.gif 9 shards of double-ice
Equals.gif double-ice britches

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