Double-barreled sling

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double-barreled sling
double-barreled sling

Hippy chicks don't like to wear brassieres, as they interfere with their ability to grow really prodigious manes of armpit hair. But they always have brassieres lying around from before they went to college and decided to become hippy chicks, so they've gotta do something with them, right?

Type: ranged weapon (1-handed sling)
Damage: 7 - 14
Moxie Required: 20
Selling Price: 53 Meat.

+5 Sleaze Damage
Slight Cold Resistance (+1)

(In-game plural: double-barreled slings)
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Obtained From

The Hippy Camp
dirty hippy Vegan chef
filthy hippy
filthy hippy jewelry maker
filthy hippy Vegan chef


Hey, bra. You just hit for X damage, bra. WHAM! KAPOW! BIFF!
You let fly with a double-barrelled barrage of projectiles, hitting <it> for X damage. KAPOW! BONK! BAM!
You load both cups of your double-barreled sling and fire them, hitting <it> for X damage. BIFF! BONK! SOCKO!
You hit for X damage with your double-barreled sling. Talk about a tempest in a D cup! KAPOW! WHAM! KERBLAM!

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