Don't Fence Me In

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Don't Fence Me In
Don't Fence Me In

You encounter that old rascal Tom, standing near a white picket fence.

"Hey!" says Tom. "Wanna whitewash this here fence for me? It's loads of fun!"

W'at you gwineter do?

Whitewash the fence

You spend an hour whitewashing the fence. It isn't fun at all.

Man, you hate that guy. At least it was a decent workout.

You gain 20-30 Beefiness.

Steal the fence

You wait until Tom wanders off, then you steal the fence. Maybe you can find some way to fence it later. Haw haw.

Smallfence.gifYou acquire an item: white picket fence

Jump the fence
  • Initially:

You hop over the fence, right into the middle of a White Wedding.

It's a nice day for it. They even give you some cake.

Wcake.gifYou acquire an item: piece of wedding cake
  • Then, first three times per day:

After everybody leaves, you pick up some of the rice they threw at the bride and groom. Somebody should've told them it's traditional to throw uncooked rice...

Whiterice.gifYou acquire an item: white rice
  • The fourth through fifth time with a rice bowl equipped:

After everybody leaves, you manage to scrounge a little bit of rice off of the ground. You toss it in your rice bowl for safe keeping.

Whiterice.gifYou acquire an item: white rice
  • Otherwise:

After everybody leaves, you look around for some rice, but you can't find any.

Occurs at Whitey's Grove.


  • Limited to three drops per day without a rice bowl equipped, with a rice bowl the limit is increased to five drops per day.


  • The adventure name "Don't Fence Me In" is most likely a reference to the Cole Porter song of the same name, most famously recorded by Bing Crosby.
  • "White Wedding" and "It's a nice day for it" in the "Jump the Fence" adventure are references to the song "White Wedding" by Billy Idol.
  • The character "Tom" is a reference to the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain; in the opening chapter, Tom tricks some of his friends into whitewashing a fence for him.
  • "Maybe you can find some way to fence it later" is a pun on fencing (selling stolen goods).
Grove.gif Whitey's Grove Choice Adventures
Don't Fence Me In   The Only Thing About Him is the Way That He Walks   Rapido!
Whitewash the fence Gain 20-30 Strongness Show him some moves Gain 20-30 Roguishness Steer for the cave Gain 21-30 Magicalness
Steal the fence white picket fence Show him a good time 3 boxes of wine Steer for the trees 3 jars of white lightning
Jump the fence piece of wedding cake and white rice (sometimes) Show him how easy it is to steal all his stuff mullet wig Steer for the laundromat white collar