Dogsgotnonoz pills

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Dogsgotnonoz pills
Dogsgotnonoz pills

This little foil blister-pack contains two gel capsules. When stuffed into each nostril, they slowly release a drug that inhibits your sense of smell, protecting you from the discomfort caused by foul odors. The effects last until the pills dissolve completely and your nasal passages clear.

Type: potion
Effect: Can't Smell Nothin' (10 Adventures)Sublime Stench Resistance (+9)
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: packets of Dogsgotnonoz pills)
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Item number: 2435
Description ID: 916901143
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Obtained From

Batrat and Ratbat Burrow
How Does He Smell? (Lucky Adventure)
The Lost Pill Bottle (sometimes)

When Used

You shove the pills up your nose. Hey, these things really work!
Stench.gifYou acquire an effect: Can't Smell Nothin'
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • The name of this item refers to an (in)famous joke:
A: My dog's got no nose
B: Then how does it smell?
A: Awful!
  • The spelling of this item's name refers to No-Dōz, a popular caffeine tablet.


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