Doc Galaktik's Vitality Serum

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Doc Galaktik's Vitality Serum
Doc Galaktik's Vitality Serum

This is the newest in Doc Galaktik's long line of patent medicines, and it's actually pretty effective! I guess even a stopped duck quacks twice a day.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 15 Meat.
Effect: Vital (20 Adventures)Muscle +5
Mysticality +5
Moxie +5

(In-game plural: bottles of Doc Galaktik's Vitality Serum)
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Item number: 8202
Description ID: 189910697
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Obtained From

Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show (40 meat)

When Used

You open the bottle of vitality serum, and chug the contents. That is probably not the correct dosage, but who wants half-empty serum bottles clogging up their inventory?
Coughsyrup.gifYou acquire an effect: Vital
(duration: 20 Adventures)



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