Doc Galaktik's Quest for a Cure

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During the Gray Plague, the Doc used his skills to create various medicines to combat the disease. See the Zombie Cure quest for more details.


  • Take the item(s) to Doc Galaktik.



Ahh, is that a rare blood flower I spy in your possession, my friend? I thought those only grew in Distant Lands! I can make you a powerful medicine from that flower, if you'd like.
Is that the tail of a love cat? They're native to Distant Lands. I haven't seen one in these parts for ages! I can use the tail to make you a powerful medicine, if you want.
A plastic passion fruit? Why, those are manufactured in sweatshops in Distant Lands! The plastic they use contains a powerful medicine. Shall I extract it for you?
  • If you give him any of the previous items:
Doc Galaktik disappears into the back of his wagon for a few minutes, then reemerges holding a small bottle.

"here you are, my friend! Guaranteed to cure what ails you!"
Cureall.gifYou acquire an item: Doc's Miracle Cure
My friend, you appear to have a zombie pineal gland! According to my research of these old Cola-Wars era medical journals, the body's last defense against the Gray Plague is to force the pineal gland to secrete a powerful chemical to prevent the death of the individual. Unfortunately, the chemical also seems to cause instant zombification.
However, I've discovered a way to synthesize the chemical using zombified pineal glands in such a way that cures and immunizes an individual against the Gray Plague without all that messy zombification. Shall I make some for you?
Doc Galaktik disappears into the back of his wagon for a few minutes, then reemerges, holding a blowfish. "Whoops," he says, goes back, and reemerges holding a blowgun.
"Here you are, my friend! This is loaded with a dart coated with a single dose of my patented Gray Plague innoculation, Ofuxxor™"
Blowgun.gifYou acquire an item: loaded serum blowgun


  • Since The Gray Plague was defeated, this quest is now unavailable. None of the items required drop anymore.
  • This quest is a "child" of the Zombie Cure quest, which concerns itself more closely with the backstory of the Gray Plague.