Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonic

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Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonic
Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonic

The label on this bottle has been haphazardly glued on top of the bottle's original label.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 25 Meat.

Restores 9-11 MP

(In-game plural: Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonics)
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Item number: 8186
Description ID: 112603433
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Obtained From

Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show (90 meat, 60 meat post-quest)

When Used

You quaff the invigorating tonic. It tastes suspiciously similar to a popular brand of soda.
MPYou gain 9-11 Mana Points.


  • The soda it is suspiciously similar to is likely the black cherry soda, given the same icon and effectiveness.

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