Diving into the Mufflers

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Diving into the Mufflers
Diving into the Mufflers

You peruse the selection of mufflers. Sure, the muffler you have does its job adequately, but does it annoy anyone? Does it annoy everyone? Imagine the possibilities.

Extra-Loud Muffler
Rev Engine also grants:

Puff.gif Unmuffled

You install the Extra-Loud Muffler. It's going to be pretty hard to sneak around with that thing blatting away.

Extra-Quiet Muffler
Rev Engine also grants:

Puff.gif Muffled

You install the Extra-Quiet Muffler, you extra-sneaky person, you.

Extra-Smelly Muffler
(Peel Out also banishes enemies)

You install the Extra-Smelly Muffler. Any monster you blast with those noxious fumes isn't going to come back for more anytime soon.

Upgrade Something Else

Occurs at Upping Your Grade.