Divine champagne popper

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divine champagne popper
divine champagne popper

This is a tiny plastic champagne bottle, plucked directly from the divine aether. Instead of a cork it has a tiny string, and when you pull the string, it makes a loud noise and shoots a bunch of foul-smelling singed tissue paper out of the other end. Festive!

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Banishes a monster for a while

(In-game plural: divine champagne poppers)
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Item number: 3121
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Obtained From

Summon Party Favor

When Used

You pull the string on the divine champagne popper. It makes a surprisingly loud bang, and your opponent flees in terror.


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Summoned Party Favors
divine noisemaker Muscle-based damage and stats
divine can of silly string Myst-based damage and stats
divine blowout Moxie-based damage and stats
divine champagne flute Add MP gain to booze
divine champagne popper Banish monster for 5 turns
Run Away (no adventure loss)
divine cracker Pickpocket and delevel enemy