Divine can of silly string

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divine can of silly string
divine can of silly string

This is a spray can of some sort of foamable resinous composition, plucked straight from the divine aether. When you depress the nozzle, a big blast of "string" comes out, if your definition of "string" includes a creepy clamminess and an abject uselessness as actual string.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Deals Physical Damage based on your Mysticality
Makes you smarter when you use it

(In-game plural: divine cans of silly string)
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Item number: 3119
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Obtained From

Summon Party Favor

When Used

You unload the can of silly string in your opponents' faces, dealing X points of moist, clammy damage. You accidentally inhale some of the fumes from the propellant, and they make you feel a little lightheaded for a few seconds.
You gain Y Wizardliness.


  • X is equal to buffed Mysticality.
  • Y is equal to the square root of X rounded up, but is capped at 23.
  • Item was previously called "Can of divine silly string," followed by "Divine can silly string," a typo of the current name.


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