Divine blowout

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divine blowout
divine blowout

If Jesus built a hot rod, could He install tires so durable that even He couldn't pop them? That's an interesting question, but it has nothing to do with this object. This is a party favor plucked from the divine aether, a cardboard tube with a rolled-up paper tube on one end and a cheap plastic reed on the other.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Deals Physical Damage based on your Moxie
Makes you cooler when you use it

(In-game plural: divine blowouts)
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Item number: 3120
Description ID: 701715103
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Obtained From

Summon Party Favor

When Used

You sneak up behind your opponent and blast the blowout, simultaneously scaring and papercutting him for X damage. That was pretty sneaky of you!
You gain Y Chutzpah.


  • X is equal to buffed Moxie.
  • Y is equal to the square root of X rounded up, but is capped at 23.



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