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Display Case

A Display Case is a case for displaying certain items. You can buy a case in The Museum for 100,000 Meat. A link to your Display Case appears in your profile.

Quest items cannot be placed in your Case. While in Hardcore or Ronin mode, you can put items in the case, but not take them out.

You can add shelves to your display case, and arrange items on to them. Each shelf must be given a name as it is added, though it is possible to remove the name afterwards. You can have up to 37 shelves in your display case--when you try to add more, you will see the message "You can't have more than 37 shelves in your display case. Try not to add any more shelves to your display case on the way through the parking lot."

When you add a shelf without a name, the message "The shelf must have a name, just like the show must go on." appears.

When you "Modify Shelves", the confirmation message is "Shelves modified. Elves mollified, too, in the event that any elves were angry about your prior shelf configuration."


Owning a Display Case is a prerequisite for several trophies.


  • ePeterso2 runs an interactive database that lets you browse and search through display cases in the game.
  • You can have a maximum of 16,777,215 units of a single item stored in your Display Case.
  • If you already have 16,777,215 units of a single item in your Display Case and attempt to put another one in it yields the message "1 of Item *NOT* moved from inventory to case. Something went wrong." and you lose the item you tried to transfer.
  • Quest items cannot be placed in your Display Case. However, if you managed to place an item in your Display Case before it became a quest item, it is successfully preserved in there, though if you take it out you will not be able to put it back in. An example is visible here.
  • With the destruction of The Cannon Museum during A Skeleton Invasion!, you could only access your display case through your profile or character sheet. Clicking the link to return to the museum gave the following result:
    The Museum has been pretty much totally destroyed.

    If you're wondering how your display case remained intact, stop asking so many questions.


  • The message that you receive upon trying to add more than Thirty-seven shelves refers to a line from the movie Clerks.
  • The message that you receive when you attempt to add a shelf with no name may refer to a song by Queen, "The Show Must Go On," or the song by Pink Floyd of the same name, or simply the well-known phrase originating in theater.